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Open Exhibition of Guest Photographers


25th May - 26th October 2017


At the end of last year  we invited submissions from any of our guests who who wished to exhibit some of their own work in the gallery this season. At the time we wondered if there would be enough interest to make an exhibition possible, but in the end we received far more submissions than expected and were forced to make some difficult choices over what to include and what to leave out.


  We have ended up with a wide variety of work covering a wide range of racing subjects, from portraits and paddock scenes to contemporary and historic racing. The result is certainly quite unlike any of our previous exhibitions, with no particular central theme linking the pieces, except for the obvious enthusiasm for all forms of motor sport from so many of our gallery friends.


To all of you who have contributed to this event, a very big THANK YOU.






Monarch Works

Elswick Road


Stoke on Trent