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2019 Exhibitions

Artistic Approaches


From its earliest days motor racing captured the attention of both photographers and artists. For the first time in the gallery this year we highlight the work of some of the latter group. “Artistic Approaches” brings together the work of over thirty artists covering subjects as diverse as the earliest road races at the very beginning of the twentieth century, land speed record breaking and some of the sport’s most famous duels.


   The majority of the artists represented in Artistic Approaches will be well known to any motor sport enthusiast. The names of Michael and Graham Turner, Peter Hearsey, John Ketchell, Gordon Crosby, Geo Ham and Juan Carlos Ferrigno need no introduction, but there are a few pieces by artists who will perhaps be slightly less familiar to some visitors, including one or two by younger artists who are starting to make a name for themselves.


   As with the photographic collection in the gallery, the reasons for buying any piece of art vary. In some cases it is the subject matter which is the main interest, be it of a particular race, car or driver. In other cases it is the style of the piece itself which is the interest. For the purposes of the exhibition one of the themes we have selected is how different artists have interpreted the same event, so that there is a certain amount of duplication of subject matter. However, as with the photographs, the one underlying element is that we have to enjoy seeing a piece ourselves for it to appear in the gallery.


     It has been said that there is only good and bad art. We make no claim whatsoever to have the requisite skills to form an informed judgement on the pieces shown here, but for varying reasons all have their place in the collection. As ever it is our hope that visitors will enjoy and debate the exhibition throughout the summer.





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