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Enzo Ferrari, A life in racing


For 2018 we are holding a small exhibition on the theme “Enzo Ferrari, A life in racing”, marking his death thirty years ago.


With due apologies to all those with an interest in road going Ferraris, the exhibition covers only certain aspects of Ferrari’s life and a few themes from the company’s hugely rich racing story. From his early days racing an Alfa Romeo and the birth of Scuderia Ferrari in 1929 we move through the team’s early years, first entering Alfas and then moving to the first cars made by Ferrari. The exhibition looks at a few of Ferrari’s drivers and his, often fraught, relationships with them and at some of the team’s key competitors over a fifty year span.


It is an extraordinary story. Even in the limited space of our exhibition area we hope we can give a flavour of the diversity, longevity and commitment to competition at the highest level which characterised Ferrari’s life in racing.



2018 Exhibitions

Jim Clark


The fiftieth anniversary of Jim Clark’s shocking death will be marked by a number of books and other commemorative events. Jim Clark seems to have had a profound influence on a huge number of people. In many ways our gallery is a result of that effect and we take the opportunity to bring a number of the collection’s photographs of him together in memory of this modest and wonderfully gifted man.






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